7 Questions You Should Ask Any Aventura Gym or Health Club Before Becoming a Member

You obviously want the best fitness and weight loss results possible from the gym or health club you choose, so it’s vital that you ask these 7 questions of any Aventura gym or health club before becoming a member.

1.How did you get into personal training?

Every trainer has a different story regarding how they got into personal training, and this question allows you to get to know them and their training style. Their back story could shed some light on what makes them tick and why fitness is important to them.

2. Do you specialize in any training styles?

Because many trainers have diverse fitness backgrounds, they’re all going to boast specific skills that make them unique to the industry. Here at Coached Fitness, for instance, you’ll find trainers who have backgrounds in strength and conditioning, muscle toning, and fat loss. So if you are like most of our clients and you have specific goals such as transforming your body, reconquering your health, and being in the best shape of your life, those specialized training styles become especially important.

3. How many times per week should I train? And for how long?

Discussing the frequency of your workouts with your trainer is essential. The amount of times you hit the gym per week will depend on your fitness experience as well as your personal goals. Your Coached Fitness personal trainer will be able to tell you how often you should be working out in order to see the results you’re looking to achieve. Most of our clients train with us 3-4 times per week and keep an active lifestyle for a total for 5-6 days per week.

4. What are some easy changes I can make to my diet?

Jumping jacks and mountain climbers aren’t the only topics you and your trainer should talk about. Take some time to chat about your diet, and ask if there are any easy changes you can make in your eating habits that will make your workouts more effective. Here at Coached Fitness we take very client through a mandatory nutrition class in order to educate our new client on the most effective and fastest ways to reach their body transformation goals.

5. What can I do to stay on track, even on my days off?

You and your trainer ensure that you work as hard as you can in the gym, but what happens when you go home? If you’re headed off on vacation or you’re planning on taking the weekend off to relax, ask your trainer what you can do to stay on track with your fitness goals. After all, you don’t want to negate all of that hard work you’ve done!

6. How quickly will I see results?

It’s important to get a realistic vision of how quickly your Aventura personal training program will produce those results you’re looking for, whether it’s shredded shoulders or dropping a few pounds. Your trainer will be able to give you an idea of what to expect, based on the fitness plan they have created for you. Oftentimes, you’ll start to feel results before you see them, and having this discussion with your trainer can prevent you from feeling discouraged along the way.

7. How do I deal with aches, pains and injuries during my workouts?

Have a discussion with your trainer about how to safely workout with injuries or pains, whether you’re dealing with a sore ankle or shin splints. When you tell the trainer exactly where you’re hurting, or where you’ve had problems in the past, they can help you determine how to exercise without further injuring yourself. Here at Coached Fitness our Aventura personal trainer will schedule a fitness assessment to discuss all previous and current injuries, surgeries, and medical history.

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JP Montanari

Fitness Expert

Aventura personal trainer

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