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The Body Bar is a personal training and boutique studio-A personal studio that specalizes in helping their clients transform their bodies by keeping an active and healthy lifestlye in a small, personalined setting giving us the best platform to serve each client individually.

The Body Bar was founded by JP Montanari, Best Seller Author and one of South Florida's most respected Personal Trainer's. For the past 12 years, JP and his team have been improving the lifestyle of many dedicated Miami residents.




The Body Bar offers Personal and Group training at our state of the art studio, using the latest strength training and conditioning techniques that allow our clients to get drastic body transformation results in as little as 84 days.

Our team excels at motivation and is able to apply and adapt workout techniques based on your individual fitness level, medical history, needs, and goals. The Body Bar instructors share a commitment to continuing health and fitness education, and a belief in the well-rounded approach to wellness.


Working with one of our Personal Coaches will allow you keep all the attention on you, your goals, and limitations. Our trainer will not only create a tailor exercise program designed specifically for your results, but will walk you thru all the changes in lifestyle that your body transformation will require, such as nutrition and food meal planning. Call us today for a free Consultation.


Group personal training makes it possible for you and a friend, to work toward similar goals under the guidance of one personal trainer. The objective is to encourage you to exercise properly and achieve your goals with the support of a partner and a small group of people just like you. Your shared training sessions will be fun and motivational, and your results will be inspiring.


20725 NE 16th Ave. Unit A20, Miami, FL 33179

Phone: 954-543-2119

Text: 954-543-2119

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